Get hooked on feeling fit!
Heal the Body, Heal the Mind

Increase strength, flexibility, bone density, muscle tone, mind-body connection, core fitness and balance while making new friends!  Reduce anxiety while increasing self confidence.

Feeling Fit is what it's all about.  The majority of the American population is hooked on sugar, web surfing and video games....and is overweight and/or out of shape.  
It's time to have a health revolution and take back your body and mind 
from it's lethargy and overprocessed foods. It's time to get hooked on Feeling Fit!
A little about me....

Hi, I'm Tansy.  I have been into fitness since I was young.  After being a competitive runner and cheerleader, I was inspired by my athletic father to "move it or lose it" and "get hooked on good health", and to move toward a healthier lifestyle.  So my goal has become empowering men and women of all ages to make that change in their life, small steps at a time.  Since exercise has been a constant in my life, I thought I'd start there by inspiring students to move toward the positive possibilities for physical and emotional growth.

I am an AFAA Certified Yoga and Pilates instructor, a Full Circle certified personal trainer and have been teaching for over 5 years at gyms, Parks & Rec and privately.    My AFAA credentials also include Boot Camp, Body Work Plus Abs, Cardio Kick Box and Spinning.   

My classes are geared towards women and men of all ages and abilities, beginning to advanced.  Modifications are made for students who haven't worked out in a while, who are nursing injuries or have other health or physical limitations.    Besides being truly interested in the well-being of my clients, I have an easy, inspirational communication style and always teach my students to have a positive attitude.   

In my “other life” I am an actress/voicever artist, musician, volunteer and enjoy the great outdoors with my doggy Little Ricky!

The first steps toward regaining your strength and vitality are to start eating a healthier diet 
full of vegetables and fruits -- food without labels! -- and exercising.

The core (pun intended) of Feeling Fit Fitness will be Mat Pilates and Yoga classes to start, and then will expand into other fun formats involving cardio dance and group personal training boot camp, so keep an eye on the schedule as we expand.  You can also expect to see mini-retreats on weekends. 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your fitness goals, all while having fun!
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Tansy Valenziano
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